Conopholis americana © Clay Spencer, Mohonk Preserve Volunteer Photographer
Fisher in a tree © Clay Spencer
© Roger Ennis, Mohonk Preserve Ranger — Program Specialist

Azalea © Hallie Schwab

Little Brown Bat © David Johnson
“The East End of the Hut”. Taken by Albert K. Smiley, 11 December 1925. The hut, “built in the side of the cliff between two large rocks”, the “two ends of the shelter (closed) with chestnut poles.” © Courtesy Mohonk Archives.

Hemlock Tanbark Harvest, from engraving in the “Illustrated News”, May 7, 1853. © New York State Library.

White-tailed Deer at Brook Farm © David Johnson
Hemlock forest near Cedar Trail © Jim Longbotham

Mohonk Preserve

With over 8,000 acres on the Shawangunk Ridge, Mohonk Preserve is the largest member and visitor-supported nature preserve in New York State.

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